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I began Kidlit History, a blog focusing on children’s literature–and the history lessons you can find within–over a decade ago. Shortly after becoming executive director at Dallas Heritage Village, I realized the job was going to be a bit different than anticipated. So, I started Redeveloping History to share thoughts on community building, leadership, and musuems. Now, these two blogs are combined. Enjoy! There’s a lot of fun stuff here, if I do say so myself.

Outsider History

I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed live theater until I was standing in a field on a hot, steamy July night. I was there for Family Dollar, an immersive play about a rapidly changing neighborhood in West Dallas. The play itself was excellent, but it’s the story behind the play that really got meContinue reading “Outsider History”

Fan Girl

Over the years, quite a few trips have featured a visit to a literary landmark. For some, like Prince Edward Island or Mankato, MN, the destination was determined by the book. For others, like Orchard House and Hannibal, it was a pleasant (and necessary!) detour. Last week, an article called The Fantasy, and Folly, ofContinue reading “Fan Girl”


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